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Through the dollars invested by over 50,000 individuals, congregations, schools, organizations and businesses, LCEF assists ministries with customized loans and ministry support services that help leaders respond to growth and community needs. LCEF also offers loans to rostered church workers—those dedicated servants who are on the front lines of ministry.

Find out more about LCEF at or call 800-843-523.

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March 2017 - Fresh Financial Start - Word .doc

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Young Investors Club - helping children and teens save for the future while helping others learn about Jesus!

Your investment will empower ministry  - if you want multiple full-color copies, please contact

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Devotion - Tasting the Spirit's Fruit

"The fruit of the Spirit is... goodness." Galatians 5:22

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Motivated by the Mission - Celebrating God's Mission: Lutheran Church Extension Fund & You