As power returns to Moore County, officials say U.S. infrastructure is vulnerable

Officials expect power to be fully restored in Moore county by Wednesday night, and are still investigating who damaged the county’s electrical infrastructure.

By Paulina Villegas, Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, Hannah Allam and Maria SacchettiDecember 7, 2022

Mills Lane, referee in hundreds of championship fights, dies at 85

Mills Lane became one of the sport’s most recognizable figures after disqualifying Mike Tyson for chomping off a slice of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a 1997 championship bout.

By Michael S. RosenwaldDecember 7, 2022

Another employee warned Walmart about shooter’s behavior, suit claims

An employee of the Walmart in Chesapeake, Va., claims that the gunman harassed him before the shooting, and that he reported the man to management.

By Justin JouvenalDecember 7, 2022

Trump told crowd to ‘fight like hell’ before riot. Can he be sued?

A lower court judge found Trump could be held liable for the violence of the Jan. 6 riot.

By Rachel WeinerDecember 7, 2022

Supreme Court majority questions massive shift of election authority

The case the Supreme Court is hearing Wednesday could fundamentally alter oversight on legislative maps and other high-stakes election issues.

By Robert Barnes and Ann E. MarimowDecember 7, 2022

Polygamist leader claimed 20 ‘wives,’ including minors, FBI says

Samuel Rappylee Bateman allegedly counted his daughter among the more than 20 “wives” he is accused of forcing to perform sexual acts.

By Marisa IatiDecember 7, 2022

William Hammond, Army historian of Vietnam War, dies at 79

His two-volume study of the war concluded flawed policy and rising casualties, not negative press coverage, eroded public support.

By Michael S. RosenwaldDecember 7, 2022

Items with classified markings found at Trump storage unit in Florida

The former president’s lawyers say no classified documents were found at Trump Tower in New York or at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

By Jacqueline Alemany, Josh Dawsey, Spencer S. Hsu, Devlin Barrett and Rosalind S. HeldermanDecember 7, 2022

Two women sue Apple, saying stalkers used AirTags to track them

The class-action lawsuit says Apple has failed to make its $29 AirTags “stalker-proof” despite warnings when the product was released last year.

By Praveena SomasundaramDecember 7, 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky named Time’s Person of the Year for 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, drew widespread acclaim for his handling of Russia’s invasion.

By Andrea SalcedoDecember 7, 2022

Margaret Atwood, Stephen King rally around new author after no-shows at signing

“We’ve all been there,” best-selling novelists told debut author Chelsea Banning after her book signing attracted only two people.

By Adela SulimanDecember 7, 2022

A bus driver helped a child read. Now he tutors kids for free between routes.

"All these kids were going to the teacher asking, ‘Can I read with Mr. Herman?’” said Herman Cruse.

By Cathy FreeDecember 7, 2022

Bodybuilders dying as coaches and judges encourage extreme measures

Bodybuilders are risking their lives, and in some cases dying, because of extreme measures that are encouraged by coaches and rewarded by judges.

By Jenn Abelson, Nate Jones and Ladka Bauerova December 7, 2022

San Francisco bars police from using killer robots, reversing recent vote

The city was criticized by civil libertarians after it voted last week to give law enforcement the right to deploy armed robots in a small number of scenarios.

By Niha MasihDecember 7, 2022

George Herring, scholar of U.S. diplomacy and Vietnam War, dies at 86

His seminal book "America’s Longest War" helped generations understand why the United States went to Vietnam — and the lessons with which it was left.

By Emily LangerDecember 6, 2022
The CritiquePerspective

My column was misconstrued in a Supreme Court brief

The Supreme Court case about a wedding website and same sex couples would give petitioner Lorie Smith the right to discriminate at some point in the future.

By Robin GivhanDecember 6, 2022

Fearing scandal, Air Force blocked generals’ foreign consulting deals

The two generals oversaw key U.S. supply routes through Azerbaijan and later negotiated deals there to earn as much as $5,000 a day in retirement.

By Craig Whitlock and Nate JonesDecember 6, 2022

Supreme Court to consider fundamental change in elections authority

With the country deeply divided over whether to trust elections, North Carolina says the U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures, not courts or governors, complete oversight.

By Robert BarnesDecember 6, 2022

‘Assault weapons’ too popular to be banned in Maryland, gun advocates argue

Gun rights groups previously failed to get the ban struck down but say a new precedent is on their side.

By Rachel WeinerDecember 6, 2022

Police chief resigns after asking officer to ‘let us go’ during traffic stop

Tampa police chief Mary O’Connor was caught on video flashing her badge to a deputy when she and her husband were stopped on a golf cart without tags.

By Ben BraschDecember 6, 2022