Mills Lane, referee in hundreds of championship fights, dies at 85

Mills Lane became one of the sport’s most recognizable figures after disqualifying Mike Tyson for chomping off a slice of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a 1997 championship bout.

By Michael S. RosenwaldDecember 7, 2022

Why these disabled movie fans want streaming premieres back

Over a year after it was settled, a lawsuit about releasing movies in theaters and digitally at the same time still poses questions about accessibility.

December 7, 2022

Blurring the line between danger and bliss

Chicago artist Christina Ramberg made a fetish of female beauty, and then things got weird.

By Sebastian SmeeDecember 7, 2022

A striking tale of the violent risks faced by journalists in Mexico

Katherine Corcoran’s “In the Mouth of the Wolf” illuminates their dangerous and important work.

By Manuel Roig-FranziaDecember 7, 2022

This winter, 4 fantasy novels portend doom — but offer delights

The characters in these books are caught in snares from page one, which only makes their struggles to escape their fates that much more compelling.

By Charlie Jane AndersDecember 7, 2022

From the wires

Charlize Theron honored at Women in Entertainment gala

For once, Charlize Theron has begun to witness more women in power roles with the film industry

By Jonathan Landrum Jr. | APDecember 7, 2022

Brendan Fraser is back. But to him, 'I was never far away'

Brendan Fraser’s performance in “The Whale” has been widely celebrated as a likely Oscar nominee and a comeback for the 54-year-old actor

By Jake Coyle | APDecember 6, 2022

Jim Stewart, co-founder of Stax Records in Memphis, dies

Jim Stewart, the white Tennessee farm boy and fiddle player who co-founded the influential Stax Records with his sister in a Black, inner-city Memphis neighborhood and helped build the soulful “Memphis sound,” has died at age 92

By Adrian Sainz | APDecember 6, 2022

‘Empire of Light’ celebrates the power of film to heal lost souls

Olivia Colman delivers a delicate yet ferocious performance at the heart of Sam Mendes’s tender and tear-soaked valentine to cinema.

By Ann HornadayDecember 7, 2022

Margaret Atwood, Stephen King rally around new author after no-shows at signing

“We’ve all been there,” best-selling novelists told debut author Chelsea Banning after her book signing attracted only two people.

By Adela SulimanDecember 7, 2022

Washington Post hardcover bestsellers

A snapshot of popular books.

December 7, 2022

Why the Midwest should be a role model, not a punchline

In “The Good Country,” Jon K. Lauck says that the region was a cradle of progressivism and a template for fairness in education, voting rights and community.

By Mark AthitakisDecember 7, 2022

4 concerts to catch in the D.C. area over the next several days

AceMo, Machine Girl, Foals and Goldie perform.

By Chris KellyDecember 7, 2022

Foehammer wants to make metal sound more like magma

Marking the release of a new album, “Monumentum,” DMV metal duo Foehammer brings its slow, molten sound to Slash Run.

By Chris RichardsDecember 7, 2022

The Greeting Committee is finding peace in growing up

The indie rock group brings upbeat, lovelorn anthems to the Black Cat on Dec. 9.

By Sophia SolanoDecember 7, 2022

What to watch on Wednesday: ‘Too Hot to Handle’ returns to Netflix

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022 | 'DC’s Stargirl' finale airs on CW

By Olivia McCormackDecember 7, 2022

Dominique Lapierre, author of best-selling historical narratives, dies at 91

Mr. Lapierre used a mix of journalism and historical research in books that sold more than 50 million copies around the world.

By Brian MurphyDecember 6, 2022

Jim Stewart, whose Stax label became soul powerhouse, dies at 92

He co-founded the Memphis record label, which released hits by Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

By Harrison SmithDecember 6, 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan in Netflix documentary seek to control their story

There's a long tradition of British royals trying to influence public accounts of their lives.

By Karla Adam and William BoothDecember 6, 2022

Kelsey Waldon’s country songs feel as steady as what’s under her boots

Touring behind the year’s best country album,‘No Regular Dog,’ the Kentucky-born singer Kelsey Waldon keeps striding forward

By Chris RichardsDecember 6, 2022

‘Spoiler Alert’: This tear-jerker earns its tissues

Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge star in a romantic dramedy based on Michael Ausiello’s memoir of life with husband Kit Cowan.

By Kristen Page-KirbyDecember 6, 2022

Trailer: 'Armageddon Time'

Director James Gray wrote this filmed in part based on his childhood experiences as a Jewish boy in Queens during the 1980s.

December 6, 2022

In Dunya Mikhail’s ‘The Bird Tattoo,’ Iraqi women are sold as slaves

"The Bird Tattoo," by Dunya Mikhail, is a terrifying novel about Iraqi women kidnapped by ISIS and sold as sex slaves.

By Ron CharlesDecember 6, 2022