McDonald’s franchisee accused of overworking more than 100 youths

A Pennsylvania franchisee illegally permitted scores of 14 and-15-year-olds to work outside of legal hours at 13 restaurants, the Labor Department said.

PepsiCo layoffs could indicate broader economic woes

The snack and soda giant is reportedly cutting hundreds of corporate workers amid fears of a recession.

Scathing report urges major changes at FDA, including possibly breaking up agency

A new report reveals poor leadership and ineptitude among FDA's food safety leadership.

Hertz to pay $168M after falsely accusing customers of stealing rental cars

The settlement came after some customers spent weeks or months in jail because Hertz made false theft reports.

An Australian mining magnate wants to save the planet with green hydrogen

Andrew Forrest, one of the world’s major polluters, has the backing of members of the Biden administration for his plan to advance green hydrogen. But the technology he’s promoting doesn’t exist yet.

The companies that helped create 2022’s ‘crypto winter’

FTX's implosion is a grim finale to a year that saw several major crypto players and their larger-than-life founders topple.

As oil prices fall, OPEC Plus opts against cutting production further

The decision by the group led by Saudi Arabia and Russia comes after it agreed in October to cut output by 2 million barrels a day, unleashing a diplomatic firestorm.

European officials object to Biden’s green subsidies as protectionist

The White House has little appetite for changes to the Inflation Reduction Act, but officials say the rulemaking process may help accommodate concerns.

From chicken wings to used cars, inflation begins to ease its grip

After more than a year of prices racing higher, consumers are finally starting to catch a break, but inflation could still feel painful for years to come.

Why paid sick leave became a big issue in rail labor talks

Unions say rail carriers cut too much in the name of efficiency, leaving insufficient flexibility. Companies say workers already have sick leave options.

Where did the covid aid money go?

Historic funding vaccinated millions and spared the economy, but also invited unprecedented levels of fraud, abuse and opportunism. Here are our key findings.
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For prolific covid scammer, first came the cash. Then came the chase.

Abidemi Rufai's brazen and repeated pilfering of coronavirus relief funds eventually helped freeze the entire unemployment system in the state of Washington.

U.S. adds 263,000 jobs in November, complicating the fight against inflation

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reflects a strong job market.

After forcing rail deal, Biden works to smooth over labor relations

After pushing Congress to intervene in a standoff between freight railroads and unions, averting a costly strike during the height of the holiday season, the self-proclaimed “most pro-union president” in U.S. history is now the awkward position of shoring up relations with organized labor.

Western nations agree to cap price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel

The idea of the cap, pitched hard by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, is to limit how much Russian President Vladimir Putin can make on the oil he diverts elsewhere in the world without creating a massive disruption in global supply.

Federal probe finds big solar firms flouted trade rules

The Department of Commerce findings could force major changes in the solar industry, which had lobbied the White House to drop the investigation.
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5 reasons to report your fantasy football and gig income to the IRS

In the long run, it can benefit you to report gig and gambling income to the IRS. And it’s not just about avoiding an audit or jail time.
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