6 vegan recipes packed with protein and flavor

These delicious, super-satisfying meals are plant-based and protein-packed, making great dinner options whether you're vegan or not.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezDecember 7, 2022

Swirled brownies make a simple dessert even better

A fudgy brownie recipe is modified slightly with leavening to achieve an ideal texture for swirling.

By Jessie SheehanDecember 7, 2022

What’s a TGI Friday’s ‘Mozzarella Sticks Snack’ with no mozz? A lawsuit.

A judge is allowing a lawsuit to move forward by an Illinois woman who said she was misled by TGI Friday’s-branded "Mozzarella Sticks Snacks," which contain only cheddar.

By Emily HeilDecember 6, 2022

Restaurant refuses service to Christian group, citing staff ‘dignity’

Metzger Bar and Butchery in Richmond canceled a reservation from the Family Foundation, citing its stances opposing gay marriage and abortion rights.

By Emily HeilDecember 6, 2022

Instant Pot beef stroganoff that you can make dairy-free, too

Make this recipe in a pressure cooker or slow cooker for a healthier take on a classic comfort food.

By Ann MaloneyDecember 6, 2022


How do I know if my oven temp is off? We answer your cooking questions.

Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, Aaron Hutcherson and Becky Krystal answer your cooking questions.

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How to reheat side dishes and other Thanksgiving questions, answered.

Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, Aaron Hutcherson and Becky Krystal answer your cooking questions.

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Her vegan recipes will have you singing along while you cook

Gabrielle Reyes celebrates vegetables through music with her catchy TikTok recipes.

By Jess EngDecember 6, 2022

Spice up Hanukkah with a crisp, peppery and sweet Yerushalmi kugel

Crispy, sweet and spicy, Yerushalmi kugel is a delicious Hanukkah side that's made with pantry staples.

By Olga MassovDecember 6, 2022

Storm-ready your kitchen with these safety tips

Stock up on pantry-friendly foods and prepare your kitchens to keep perishables as safe as possible.

By Ann MaloneyDecember 5, 2022

How to conquer your fear of holiday baking

Getting organized, picking the right recipes and managing your expectations are keys to successful baking.

By Madeleine DelieeDecember 5, 2022

Z&Z Manoushe is a family-run bakery dedicated to a taste of home

At Z&Z Manoushe Bakery, brothers Danny and Johnny Dubbaneh specialize in Levantine flatbreads.

By Tim CarmanDecember 5, 2022

This vegan ‘Bolognese’ delivers satisfying, saucy and rich flavor

Plant-based 'Bolognese' gets its depth of flavor from two types of mushrooms, tomatoes and soy sauce. It's decidedly not traditional.

By Joe YonanDecember 4, 2022

11 vegan cookie recipes inspired by s’mores, eggnog and more

Make and share these vegan cookie recipes for an inclusive approach to holiday baking.

By Becky KrystalDecember 3, 2022

Vermont’s dairy farms recede, giving way to shrimp, saffron and new ideas

Changing climate and other factors make Vermont staples like milk and maple syrup harder to produce, so a raft of new crops and farm businesses are popping up.

By Laura Reiley and Zoeann MurphyDecember 2, 2022

Joy by Seven Reasons gives diners lots to cheer, even a $65 sandwich

At Joy by Seven Reasons in Chevy Chase, the team behind some stylish restaurants, led by Venezuelan chef Enrique Limardo, makes yet another splash.

By Tom SietsemaDecember 2, 2022

Feedfeed settles discrimination lawsuit by ex-employees

Two women of color had alleged that Feedfeed, a digital food media company, had discriminated against them and created a hostile work environment.

By Tim CarmanDecember 1, 2022

This $17 sparkling rosé is a vibrant way to welcome guests

A selection of three delicious wines to drink this week.

By Dave McIntyreDecember 1, 2022

13 holiday cookie recipes to bring color and joy to the season

Our 18th annual holiday cookie package is full of fun, colorful and tasty recipes for all kinds of bakers and diets.

By Becky KrystalDecember 1, 2022

These salty and sweet crisped rice treats have a Singaporean spirit

These vegan salted 'kacang puteh' crisped rice treats combine the cereal dessert with the street food of Singapore.

By Gan Chin LinDecember 1, 2022

Gizzada cookie bars turn a Jamaican specialty into a simpler bake

Jamaican gizzada are typically made as small tarts, but converting them to bars helps them become an anytime dessert.

By Mila ClarkeDecember 1, 2022